Into the Labyrinth
A continuous open structure novel by Donavan Hall
Book 1 “The Unfolding Text”


Do not read this novel from beginning to end! Start in the middle. Start at the end, or at the beginning (if you must). The choice is yours. The “Author” created this work of fiction as an ever expanding textual labyrinth. The “Author” encourages, no urges (demands!), the “Reader” to wander through this unfolding text in a nonlinear (wandering) fashion. Links have been placed in the text as jumping-off points. Make use of them. Annotations collected near the end of the book will help guide You as you follow your own course through this web of text. The “Author” also offers to exchange roles with the “Reader”: should You be inclined to correct and expand this text, please do so and share it with another reader.